There’s no shortage of ideas on the internet when it comes to home additions and remodels, which is why we speak fluent Pinterest. There’s even plenty of discussion about which projects offer the best return on investment (ROI) when you sell your house. What seems to be lacking from the discussion is advice on how to get the most out of your house additions or remodels.

Start With Why

To maximize the real value of your addition or remodel project, you need to start with why. What are you hoping to accomplish? Let’s look at the top five reasons (with project examples) that people turn their home addition or remodel from a dream into a reality.

1. Increasing enjoyment or utility

Many projects focus on increasing the enjoyment or functionality of existing spaces. When you bring new life or additional space to an existing kitchen, bath, laundry, or other room, it’s like falling in love with your home all over again.

2. Add living space

Some popular addition/remodel projects which increase living space include adding a mother-in-law suite or guest apartment. Frequently, basements, attics, and space above the garage get allocated for these projects. Some homeowners add living space to rent it out for additional income.

3. Add spaces that are missing

Have you always been missing a bathroom for guests near your most popular place to entertain? Was your home destined to have a pantry between where you bring groceries in and your kitchen? Maybe it’s finally time to carve out space for a man cave or a mudroom.

4. Change layouts

Home additions are a great opportunity to add features or change layouts. Have you been dreaming of a laundry room just off the kitchen with a pocket door, or perhaps a second-floor laundry area? Since you’re changing layouts, maybe a home addition is a perfect time to add novelties like a hidden room or hidden storage.

5. Changing your home to match your lifestyle

Just because your life is changing, doesn’t mean your address has to. Perhaps the kids are growing and need a playroom, or you’re empty nesters reclaiming your home. For some, it’s time to add aging-in-place features to accommodate an elderly parent moving in or planning for their own independence.

The Right Tools for the Job

That covers some of the top reasons for additions and remodels. Next, let’s look at some of the techniques home addition contractors employ:

Conventional house addition

Increasing the height or footprint of your home can give you great big spaces to work with to create new and exciting floorplans. This type of addition offers the best opportunity to add novelty features like hidden rooms, murphy doors, etc. Almost always, these additions need additional utilities and HVAC.

A room addition, dormer addition, or bump-out

Typically smaller scale than conventional additions, this class of addition uses tricks like cantilevers to give you more space without increasing the footprint of your home. Just like the slide-out on a camping travel trailer, it’s amazing how much roomier your home’s cramped areas will feel.

A sunroom or California room

While often decried as a lower ROI investment, sunroom-style conversion of a deck or porch remains a popular option, especially in warmer climates.

Garage conversion

one of the more popular ideas on the internet, garage remodels can be great – if done right. We can’t recommend getting rid of a garage unless you’re also building a new one to replace it. Northern Michigan homebuyers value having a place to keep their cars out of the winter snow. Another way to “do it right” is to raise the roof and add a second story above your garage – keeping its usefulness as a garage. There’s certainly nothing wrong with expanding your garage for more bays, storage, or finished details.

When it comes to maximizing your home addition or remodel, start with clearly defined objectives, and never lose sight of why you’re doing it. Having an understanding of the types of remodeling techniques can help you choose the right remodel. Finally, talk to an experienced home addition contractor like Kevin Hall Builders to see how their experience can maximize your project.

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