8 Tips to Creating a Spa-Inspired Bathroom

How would you like to enjoy a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, similar to one found in a posh hotel room? You can. Start with these tips to create a natural, spa-inspired ambiance for your bathroom. Learn how to fashion a tranquil, fresh, back-to-nature mood you can experience without ever leaving your home.

1) Think White

White is a vital design element towards creating a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom. Because white shades exude a clean, fresh vibe, be sure to include this pure hue in your bathroom transformation.

For example, paint your bathroom walls and cabinets in a crisp white tone and exchange colored wall tiles and countertops for sparkling white replacements. Integrate plush white bath towels and a woven white shower curtain to instill the spa-inspired aura.

Pro Tip: Work with an experienced builder, remodeler, or interior designer. They will help you find just the right balance of white with a color palette you’ll love, as well as the integration of pattern and texture.

2) Incorporate Nature

Inject a few natural, organic items in your bathroom to foster the spa-like climate you’re creating. Hang woven wooden blinds from the windows to convey a natural woodsy sensation. Place a cedar stool inside your walk-in shower to instill an organic vibe.

Place a tabletop waterfall on your bathroom countertop to enjoy the soothing sounds of trickling water. Ramp up the back-to-nature atmosphere with wooden towel racks, toilet roll holders, and vanity mirrors trimmed in wood.

Pro Tip: Numerous durable materials for your remodel simulate the look of genuine wood or stone with much lower maintenance.

3) Add Plants

Green plants make almost any space come alive, but especially when you’re creating a spa-inspired bathroom. Choose living plants that impart a fresh, natural feel, such as aloe vera or English ivy. Add floor palms and potted ferns for a tropical look and feel. Select pots for your living greenery in pure white, natural clay, or dark tones.

Add a bit of color with a beautiful potted orchid or a vase of fresh flowers. Air plants (Tillandsia) are an attractive, low-maintenance option that thrives in a bathroom.

Pro Tip: Recessed shelves can provide an excellent place for candles or plants to live in your new spa retreat.

4) Inject Sparkle

Bring a touch of sparkle into your spa-like bathroom with decorative sconces, or a glitzy chandelier hanging above your soaking tub or dressing area. A dazzling light will become an eye-catching focal point that will make you feel like royalty.

Exchange dated sink and shower faucets for highly polished chrome replacements to add a brilliant shine. The same holds for other lifeless hardware, such as cabinet and drawer handles, knobs, and pulls. Get rid of old cabinet hardware and install shiny, new replacements.

Pro Tip: Don’t overlook the sparkle that comes from the glass surround and doors of a walk-in shower or the elegance of custom mirrors. Also, in many instances, a new modern sink will get you more mileage than faucet and hardware alone.

5) Create Comfort

An air of comfort must permeate your bathroom remodel to exude the spa-inspired design you’re searching for. If space allows, add an upholstered, comfy armchair that’s covered in an organic-vibe material, such as a print fabric dotted with green ferns, colorful flowers, or woodsy trees.

For a bathroom with limited floor space, add a padded bench or stool in lieu of the upholstered armchair.

Replace a standard showerhead with an upscale rain-shower head with multiple jet streams. For the full spa experience with a remodel, consider multiple heads or specialty showerheads to simulate a waterfall or rainfall. Other creature comforts include a heated towel rack, a digital shower controller, and a plush white bathrobe.

Pro Tip: When redesigning your bathroom, your choice of flooring can also provide greater comfort too.

6) Generate a Mood

Set the relaxing mood for your new spa-like bathroom with suitable lights, smells, and sounds. For example, situate votive candles placed in glass holders around the perimeter of your bathtub for a soft glow to calm you after an exhausting day. Dimmer switches on your light fixtures set a serene atmosphere. A bathroom remodel is a fantastic time to incorporate some stunning lighting techniques.

Use scented candles, diffusers, or your favorite air fresheners to permeate your bathroom with pleasant aromas. Create a tranquil atmosphere with the sweet sounds of nature generated from a white-noise machine. Choose crashing ocean waves, splashing waterfalls, crickets chirping, or some other nature-inspired sound.

Pro Tip: Leave the installation of your elegant spa lighting to the professionals. Electricity near water sources comes with additional considerations for your safety.

7) Pamper Yourself

You can’t create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom without including some items to pamper yourself. For instance, furnish your bathroom with monogrammed plush white towels, sweet-smelling bubble baths, fragrant hand soaps, and luxuriously scented lotions.

Situate a soft, memory foam bathmat on the floor beside your shower or bathtub to greet your feet with a cushy place to step out of the water. Scatter thick-pile area rugs throughout your bathroom to supply a cozy place to walk. Consider replacing an old bathtub with a gorgeous new stand-alone soaking or jetted tub.

Pro Tip: Built-in storage can keep a myriad of pampering and beautifying products tucked neatly out of sight but easily accessible. Accompanying hidden electrical outlets can keep the tangle of electric cords from ruining your ambiance.

8) Ditch the Dated Tubs and Showers

When you decide to update your tub or shower, a world of spa-possibility opens. You might design separate areas for showering and bathing. You can finally have the freestanding tub you’ve been dreaming of or a beautiful walk-in shower. As a bonus, walk-in showers also serve the growing demand for aging-in-place features that home buyers seek.

Pro Tip: If your bathroom feels too cramped for features like separate showers, consider a pop-out addition to accommodate a larger floor plan.

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