Four Secrets Traverse City Home Builders Know

Four Secrets Traverse City Home Builders Know

Building or remodeling in the Traverse City area? Locals and vacationers alike benefit by selecting an experienced home builder. It’s more than navigating the permits, codes, and ordinances.

Are you building a custom home? Don’t buy your plans online.

When buying plans online, your stock or even “custom home designs” typically have some drawbacks you should know.

  • It’s almost a certainty these plans are not designed for northern Michigan
  • These plans don’t accommodate your specific lot (size, drainage, topography, etc.)
  • You need to factor in your budget, and even current local prices of labor and materials – something the online plans miss.
  • If your home plan exceeds your budget, you can’t just cut corners to save costs.
  • It’s not truly custom, and it doesn’t come with changes. Changes are a natural part of the process when building a home

Changes to stock plans are expensive. Think of it like buying an off-the-rack suit and paying to have it tailored. If you had just had a custom-tailored suit (or dress) made, it would likely fit better for less money. The analogy translates to customizing stock house plans you’ve already purchased.

Don’t get rid of garage space

Whether building or remodeling, don’t skimp on garage space. Never get rid of existing garage space without a plan to add a new one.

  • If you want to convert garage space and do plan on adding a new garage, don’t make it smaller. Demographics are trending toward larger vehicles in increasing numbers, plus more toys to enjoy our beautiful outdoors.
  • There’s a premium on having a garage for your vehicles up north, both in price and desirability. Our climate demands it. Many of our clients even expand theirs.
  • If you want to add living space without increasing your home’s footprint, raising the roof is an excellent choice both above the garage or your existing floors.

Buy your lot first

It’s a painful mistake to fall in love with a plan before you’ve purchased your lot for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, working early with a good builder can help you get the land and home that you’ve been dreaming of.

  • A good home builder can help you narrow your search.
  • In some areas (such as premiere lakefront), space is at a premium, and empty lots are virtually impossible to find. Depending on your needs and budget, your builder may recommend whether buying an existing home to expand or demolish makes more sense
  • Perhaps there’s another location you hadn’t considered close by
  • Some home builders will provide some sanity checks for your choice before you buy land. Is this site a deal because there is poor drainage, site restrictions, or setbacks that prevent the size home you want to build?

Not all features are equal

Working with a builder that does remodeling, additions, and new homes allows you to see what’s right for you. That expert insight can help you decide if the features you’re dreaming of make more sense in and existing home or a new build.

  • For example, some aging-in-place features are easy to add in a remodel or addition; other elements are best accomplished in a new build.
  • Some home options get more use in northern Michigan than others. Don’t remove the things you love – but talk with us about the best ways to execute for maximum enjoyment.

Working with an experienced home builder like Kevin Hall Builders can help you navigate these secrets and more. See how your Pinterest and Houzz dreams can become a reality, in a new home or an existing one. Start the conversation today!

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