About Us

We understand you want a beautiful, functional new space at a fair price without endless months of interruption and anxiety. We understand that our worksite is your home.

Countless homeowners have seen how our detailed process gives them the beautiful homes you can see examples of. They’ve been so happy both during and after the process, they’ve given us rave reviews.

Our Process

Our attention to detail starts long before we swing a single hammer. Premium custom homes and remodels begin with a detailed bid that includes the specified quality products you want. The more we can define up front, the more we avoid change orders that could derail time-frames or budgets.

Scheduling is more than a tool that we use to stay on time and budget. We use an exemplary schedule to minimize the impact demolition and construction has on your life.

We’ve pioneered best-practices to maximize your life-balance during your construction or remodeling project. We’ll keep your home clean while minimizing the interruption on your life.

Our Team

Our dependable team is how we’ve come to build such beautiful new custom homes and became specialists in remodels and additions. We take pride in a job well done.

You’ll notice this when you see Kevin so frequently during the job. You’ll also see why all subcontractors we use exemplify professionalism and trust. We’ve built long-standing relationships with only the best local subcontractors and suppliers.

Bring Your Perfect Home to Life.

Let's start building the northern Michigan home you’ve always wanted - worry free.

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